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mixed 6 - red bonanza edition

mixed 6 - red bonanza edition

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for those like us, that rejoice in variety. 6 bottles, 3 wines, 1 delivery.

In this mixed carton you will find 6 bottles of funk wine (all reds):

  • 2x 2022 Grenache Swan Valley
  • 2x 2022 Tempranillo Margaret River
  • 2x 2022 Shiraz Swan Valley


Read more about the wines below:


2022 Grenache

Appearance |Clarity - clearIntensity - mediumColour – purple (visually stunning)Nose |Intensity - pronouncedDevelopment - youthfulCharacteristics – rose, violet, raspberry, red currant, sour cherry, nutmegPalate |Sweetness - dryAcidity -  med +Tannin - medAlcohol - 14% (but it hides the booze really well)Body - med Flavour Intensity - med +Length - medCharacteristics – rose, raspberry, strawberry, red currant, plum, sour cherry, violets, barny, earthy, sweet spice character.Description |Grenache is famed for its high abv & super confected red fruit and this wine delivers. However, before you even get to the glass you’re entranced by the seductively blushed magenta colour. This wine will appeal to your dry rose drinkers and is a great option for those only beginning their journey with red wines. Delivering the classic confected red fruits (raspberry, redcurrant, cherry) without feeling jammy probably thanks to its awesome acidity and powdery tannin structure. This little red is big on the booze but hides it well. YOUTHFUL. TART. DELICIOUS. 

2022 Shiraz

Appearance |Clarity - ClearIntensity - DeepColour - PurpleNose |Intensity - mediumDevelopment - youthfulCharacteristics – olive, black pepper, black plum, black cherry, raisin, black currant leaf, coffeePalate |Sweetness - dryAcidity - med + Tannin - med +Alcohol - 14%Body - fullFlavour Intensity - med +Length - med + Characteristics – olive, black pepper, black plum, black cherry, raisin, black currant leaf, dried black berry (so many black fruits), meaty, coffee, farmyard, leatherDescription |Shiraz, the king of the reds in the SV. This wine is for your soulful drinkers, deep, dark & full. With a dense fruit profile full of dark black fruits (plum, currant), the classic black pepper & coffee known to Shiraz, and a little savoury kick (olive, meaty, barnyard) this wine ticks all the boxes for a soulful winter night. The wine has a silky tannin structure, big body and a depth deeper than your soul, enticing you further. BIG. BLACK. BROODING

2022 Tempranillo

Appearance |Clarity - Slight HazeIntensity - DeepColour - PurpleNose |Intensity - mediumDevelopment - youthfulCharacteristics –black pepper, nutmeg, red cherry, black currant leaf, red current, fresh cut grass Palate |Sweetness - dryAcidity - med Tannin - highAlcohol - 14%Body - fullFlavour Intensity - med +Length - med + Characteristics – black pepper, plum, red cherry, tobacco, raspberry, eucalyptus, farmyard, clay, chalkDescription |This wine is the only 2021 red that is unfiltered and that has been oaked. The six months in olf French Oak granted the Tempranillo a robust tannin structure, with beautiful ageing potential and a subtle hint of eucalyptus and spice. The red cherry and raspberry notes balance the black pepper and tobacco making this wine beyond drinkable. We recommend aerating or decanting it before drinking to soften the chalkiness unless you are willing to cellar it and allow nature to do its thing! ROBUST. SEXY. SPICY
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