The Story of Funk

Funk Drinks Co. is the culmination of 2 country boys Dustin & Martin’s (yep just like the footy player ;) journey in value adding their local farm produce. 

What started off as a cold pressed juice company back on their family farm in 2012 has morphed into an epic journey into cider, beer and other creative beverages with a burning passion and focus on the freshest of local fruits.

We believe in the underdog - the true blue local WA farmer who’s up against the most merciless of nature everyday - the WA outback. 

Hardship drives innovation. Tough growing conditions breeds the best produce. 

We get behind the best WA farmers - and showcase their amazing produce in an innovative, sexy & flavoured packed way to customers.

Funk has unshackled fruit focused beverages from their dark commercial past, returned them to their rightful artisan origins and launched it into a new era of craft; what we call the “new world”.

A world where we leave nothing left in the tank when it comes to flavour & fun.

A world where hyper local fruit concoctions, crazy yeasts, hybrid drinks, barrel ageing & seductive packaging to contain all of this excitement - is the new norm’.

Join us on this journey, where the flavours and rewards are always - juicy as funk!