About Funk Drinks Co.

Introducing Funk Drinks Co, the fresh face of the beloved Funk Cider, now embarking on an exciting new journey in the world of beverages. We're a spirited bunch, blending the art of traditional crafting with a twist of modern flair and challenging the norm of how drinks are made. Our roots in using real, local fruits have led us to an eclectic range of drinks, including gluten-free ciders, wines, and innovative vegan sodas, all with no added sugar.

Our latest adventure includes fruited beers and teaming up with Michael Brothers, infusing their top-notch cold-pressed juices and healthy sodas into our lineup. We welcome you to join us in this flavor-filled journey that is juicy as funk! Let's raise a glass to the endless possibilities of great taste! 🍹🍏🌟

Founded by two country brothers, Dustin & Martin from Bolgart, just north of Toodyay.