Funk Drinks Co. Venues Booking Policy

Let’s cover some basics & more - Please read carefully (focus on the stuff in bold and pink if you are already bored) as you must accept the terms and conditions below before completing your booking (srsly, important stuff here)

Venues (Referred to in this policy as “The venue” - so we don’t have to type both names everytime)

Funk Brewshed (formerly funk 2.0) located at 38 Swan street, Henley Brook

House of Funk (formerly Funk Cider House) located at 55 Benara Road, Caversham



1. The nominated person on the booking is deemed to be the organiser; Aka you making the booking = organiser.

2. It is the responsibility of the organiser to advise all guests of this policy (quick tip: send’em a link to this page & ask them to 👍)



3. If any member is deemed intoxicated upon arrival, the whole group will be refused entry into our venue or asked to leave during your stay at the venue. It is the responsibility and liability of the organiser to ensure all guests are aware that the venue will not tolerate intoxication, drug use, verbal abuse to staff or the other guests while on site. 

3A. Pre-paid packages will not be refunded in the occurrence of any event outlined in clause 3.

4. Bar staff of the venue reserve the right to refuse the service of alcohol if there are any signs of intoxication.

5. All patrons must present a valid, non-expired form of ID when requested, or that individual will be denied service of alcohol. Acceptable forms include a driver’s license, passport, or proof of age card. (No Valid ID = No cider, beer or wine - it’s the law. Also, no entry to the House of Funk on weekends)



6. The venue reserves the right to turn away patrons without a booking pending legal capacity obligations.

7. The venue reserves the right to refuse entry to patrons who arrive on a bus without a prior booking no matter the circumstances.

8.The venue does not accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss of any property left on-site or in vehicles by patrons.

9. The organiser is financially responsible for any damages, loss, or theft of property belonging to the venue caused by the organisers’ guests. (Yeow, you know who that “hero” is in your group - maybe leave them home instead, or you’re paying the fixing bill).

10. If you use our Sites and Services, you will receive communication via electronic messages, including email, text message/SMS, or mobile push notifications in accordance with the venue's privacy policy. If you no longer want to be part of the venues customer database or to be contacted in this manner, please contact the venue in which you made the reservation to be removed.

11. Your reservation will be allocated to the best available table at the time of your reservation in the venue you have chosen.

12. Any special requests made will be catered for by the venue as best as possible.

13. Funk Drinks Co Venues are smoke & vape-free venues, any patrons found smoking will be asked to leave the premises and will be denied access back into the venue.

14. If there are any under-age patrons with your group, they will be denied access to House of Funk unless their legal parent/guardian is present.



15. A $250 deposit is required to confirm your funktion or pre-order;
16. All pre-orders must be fully paid prior to your booking or upon arrival;
17. The final number of guests, package and meal selections must be made seven days prior to your booking date.



18. Unless a $250 deposit applies as per Funktions and Group Booking clauses, a pre-authorisation of $10 per person is required for:

18A. All lunch bookings on Saturday and Sunday;

18B. All bookings for 10 or more people.

19. The pre-authorisation amount will be charged 24 hours after your booking date ONLY if:
19A. Your booking does not attend the venue on the date and time of the booking; or
19B. You have canceled your booking within 24 hours of your booking time; or
19C. Your group has been denied entry upon arrival due to intoxication and non-compliance with RSA regulations.
20. The pre-authorisation will be released within 24 hours from your booking date unless clause 19 applies.



21. All bookings of 16 guests or more must complete a pre-authorisation for $100 via link submitted to the organiser to confirm the booking. You will not be charged the $100 unless:
21A. you don't show up for your booking without notice at least 7 days prior to your booking date; or
21B. the number of guests attending on the day are equivalent to 50% or less of the number of guests booked, and you have not notified us at least 48h before your booking; and/or
21C. your group is refused entry due to liquor license or house policy (please check our website faq's for dress code); and/or
21D. you or someone in your group causes damage whilst at funk. In which case you may be contacted for payment of any extra costs due to the damage.

22. Should any of the circumstances on clause 21 eventuate, the venue reserves the right to charge the $100 immediately.
23. Your pre-authorisation will be released within 48 hours of your booking unless any of the circumstances on clause 18 eventuate.
24. The pre-authorisation must be completed within 5 days of your booking request confirmation or at least 14 days prior to your booking date, whichever comes first, to confirm and secure booking; (No preauth, no booking - soz)



    25. Duration of group bookings for group bookings of 16 people or more are:
    25A. Maximum of 60 minutes for group bookings that are not having lunch at the venue;
    25B. Maximum of 90 minutes for group bookings that are not having lunch at the venue;
    26. Any other duration previously organised and agreed, in writing, by the venue manager.
    27. All guests of group bookings must vacate the venue at the end of the allocated time for their booking.
    28. Late arrival will result in less time available for your group at the venue as the venue may not have the capacity to allow for an extended stay, regardless of whether or not the venue has been communicated of the late arrival by the organiser or their guests.



    29. You agree to contact the venue if you have any changes, updates or need to cancel your reservation observing the cancellation policy in this policy.
    30. Cancellations must be received within 7 days from the booking date for group bookings.
    31. Canceling your booking outside of the cancellation time frame stipulated in this policy will automatically:
    31A. Deem the booking as a no-show and the pre-authorisation will be charged; and
    31B. Deem any food pre-order payments as NON-refundable;
    32. The venue reserves the right to refuse entry to extra guests that were not previously expressly approved for your booking when the venue cannot reasonably or legally accommodate the extra guests.