Behind the release: Plum Pudding Cider

Behind the release: Plum Pudding Cider

“Everyone remembers plum season as a kid. No one could eat a whole bucket of plums on their own, so we decided we would infuse them into a cider. Add a little spice, the cherry on top and Voila!” - Martin

Ps if you are new here:

Martin is one of our co-founders and Managing Director. James is the Cider Maker, Tim is Head Brewer and Mari is Head of Marketing.

As our team gathered in January for our limited releases ideas meeting, we had a plethora of options. Amongst them, for a winter release, was an idea by our former CFO (who is a damn good baker!) with the suggested name: “Plump (with a very little p)” - in her own words.

A plum pudding-inspired cider, for Xmas in July vibes - a fruited and spiced cider idea to warm out adventurous taste buds straight out of the finance team’s oven.

James, Tim & Martin scratched their heads at which plums would be best to use and watched that plum season carefully. When the time was right, we snatched them from Tony at Newtrition.

James’ cocktail background was of GREAT help here as he pulled his mulled cider/wine spices knowledge and made a trial spiced apple base that reminded us of Macca’s apple pie when we were kids (or at least Mari’s memories from going to school only a block away from a Maccas restaurant). 

Pressing stone fruits is never an easy job, but we did it! About 480kg of plums later, we added a total of 160 litres of cold-pressed plum juice to the spiced base. We also couldn’t have forgotten the cherry on top! Particularly because those cherries were saved from going to landfill.

The plums are very subtle in flavour, so the cherries add just enough tartness to this great winter cider for the best “I want some more” aftertaste.

Tell winter you don’t give a funk and have it chilled or warm it up to enjoy it as a mulled cider with a slice of orange and a cinnamon quill. Let the creative juices flow.

Plum pudding cider is available from July 10th at all the good liquor stores, funk venues and online - Can’t wait? You can already try it on tap at the funk venues.

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