Behind the Release: funk’n’roll, crafties!

Behind the Release: funk’n’roll, crafties!

“Mate…. It ain’t all just apples, ya know. There’s more to craft cider than the same ol’ same.” - said Marty one day.

There’s a world to be explored in crazy yeasts and fruit infusions; in that pursuit, we found ourselves agreeing with each other that rockmelon sounded like a pretty cool option - some next-level intuitive science there.

Inspired by local breweries using watermelon in their beers (if you know, you know), we chose a different kind of fruit-melon to keep this release extra juicy! Rockmelon Jalapeño Cider is coming April 24th, 2023.

Four hundred and fifty kilos of Australian Rockmelons give a juicy, sweet flavour profile that embraces the apple base whilst ten kilos of jalapeños add that well-deserving kick.

James and Mads deseeded the jalapeños by hand and mashed them in the famous (formerly Michael Bothers’ Owned) Robot Coup. The fleshy Jalapeño mash was then infused in the fermenter. 

To make sure the flavour was right, we tasted the peño-infused-base every day until we got all of the aromatics one can possibly hope for in this central-american chilli bonanza. The seeds were kept in the freezer until the very last week when we added some in for a little bit of heat!

Unrelated fun fact: did you know that jalapeño means “from Jalapa” or Xalapa which is a large city in Mexico where the pepper comes from?

The result? Crushable with a sting in the tail, the Rockmelon Jalapeño cider is perfect for drinking as the weather starts to cool down. Juicy rockmelon gives way to subtle heat, with a round, lingering finish as the flavours hug your tongue like a velvety blanket and that perfect rock beat playing in the background.

To assist with that last part, Martin has put together a Spotify playlist with classic rock tunes for you to funk’n’roll whilst sipping on the new limited release: check it out here.

The Organoleptics aka cider snobbery:

style: fruit-infused, medium-sweet

abv: 4.2%

carbonation: sparkling, high carbonation.

colour: pale amber.

aroma: subtle rockmelon up front, granny smiths skin, slight sting from the jalapeño.

taste: fleshy rockmelon, floral jalapeno, spiced apple aftertaste, juicy natural sweetness from the culinary apples and the rockmelon combine to build the flavours into the mouthfeel.

mouthfeel: viscous, fuller body from the fruitful combo, velvety.

The Rockmelon Jalapeño Cider is brewed to a sessionable 4.2% abv and is available on tap and cans at select WA stockists from Monday, 24th April.

Also available online and at our venues for dine in and take away. 

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